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Judith Earlyne Towry Jeter

Born: November 10, 1942 in Chanute, Kansas

Death: October 23, 2001 in College Station, Texas

Gary and Judy were involved in the worship ministry from the 1970's until they were called home. Gary played the piano and guitar although rarely in public. He sang in their choirs and accompanied Judy on duets.

After moving from Enid, OK to Portland, TX in 1971 we began going to First Christian Church in Portland. At the time they were meeting in the local AA building on Sunday mornings due to their building being destroyed the previous year by hurricane Celia.

The very first Sunday my dad noticed a piano with no piano player and quickly volunteered Judy to play. She had not played in several years but stepped up to the challenge. She became the church pianist, choir director, buletin and newsletter creator. The church became our 2nd home as the old Presbyterian Church building was acquired and moved on to several acres on the outskirts of town.

I remember spending many Saturdays working and playing at the church, folding bulletins hot off the old memograph machines. The first several years she used an old manual memograph machine. Eventually we upgraded to an automatic memograph machine. But my sisters and I were the bulletin folders. She then became the youth leader for our church in addition to her other responsibilities.

In my twenties I was living on South Padre Island, TX and had become involved in worship ministry. I had a little 4-track cassette recorder and a little home studio setup in my apartment's bedroom. Gary and Judy came down for a visit for a few days and I was able to record them singing 10 of their favorite songs. Gary sang bass and tenor while Judy played the keyboard and sang the soprano and alto parts.


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